best supplements for muscle gain and strength - How to build muscle and amplify quickly, what to eat and how to train

 There has always been interest from people about how to build muscle, and India is historically the oldest country in which muscle building exercises appeared in the eleventh century. In order to improve health and endurance to overcome the challenges of daily life.

best supplements for muscle gain and strength

best supplements for muscle gain and strength 

But in our modern age and with the progress of scientific research, we have a clearer view of ways to build muscle, and methods of training and nutrition. Here are the highlights of what researchers have found to help you build and amplify your muscles quickly.

How to build muscle

Muscle fibers have a great ability to adapt to the stress you face in your daily life. One form of this adaptation is the whole muscle amplification process.

The following pattern simplifies how to build muscle:

best supplements for muscle gain and strength

When you exercise constantly, slight damage to muscle tissue occurs. This gives a signal to the body that it is necessary to strengthen and inflate the muscles to face this pressure in the future.

When you take in the right nutrients, the body supplies the muscles with more nutrients to repair muscle damage. This causes the building of stronger and larger muscle tissue.

Muscle building methods

As it turns out from the previous pattern, how to build muscle depends on several main factors. First, proper training - secondly supplying the body with an adequate amount of nutrients - and finally providing the necessary rest during which muscles are repaired and built.

The more you pay attention to the quality of these factors, the faster you can build muscle, and the following are the most important tips that may help you in this step.

muscle building exercises

According to a recent study, exercise is the first step to building muscle. And it works to cause minute ruptures in the muscle fibers, which in turn stimulates the body to inflate and build muscles.

In order to improve the quality of muscle amplification exercises, the following points should be taken care of.

1- Choose the right type of exercise

Not all exercises build muscle equally well. Compound exercises are one of the best muscle building exercises. They are exercises that work on more than one muscle at the same time. For example, the bench press, which works to strengthen and inflate the chest, shoulder and triceps muscles.

Although studies show that both compound exercises and isolation exercises can be equally effective for bulking and building muscle. However, compound exercises are more likely as they stimulate the body to release muscle-building hormones such as testosterone and GH.

In addition, compound exercises are often easier to perform, and as they target more muscles, they allow you to lift more weight, which is one of the most important muscle building factors.

It is worth noting that this does not mean not to practice isolation exercises, which also have an effective role. Especially to target small muscles that are not included in compound exercises primarily. But in general, compound exercises should have the largest share in the training program.

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2- The right amount of weight to build muscle

This point is one of the most important ways to build muscle and you should focus on it well. It is indicated by the volume of training or the number of repetitions and sets appropriate for each exercise.

Muscle amplification requires lifting heavy enough weights, so that you reach muscle exhaustion in the tenth count. And you can not lift the weight more than 10 reps.

This is completely different from the amount of strength-building training that Olympic weightlifters and athletes rely on. So that they depend on very heavy weights so that they reach muscle fatigue in the range of 3-5 reps. This technique is suitable for strengthening muscle fibers and not for muscle amplification.

Whereas, muscle amplification requires that the muscle be put under pressure for long periods. According to research from the ACE Sports Academy, the most appropriate weight for building muscle is the weight that constitutes 70 to 80 percent of your ability to perform one repetition of the exercise. In other words, if you can lift 50 kilograms in the squat for one set, the most appropriate weight to perform 8 repetitions is 40 kilograms. And so with the rest of the exercises.

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Muscle Building Training Tips

best supplements for muscle gain and strength

1- Gradual increase in weight

As mentioned earlier, how to build muscle depends on pushing your muscles to deal with progressively greater challenges. If you continue to lift the same weights, the body will stop inflating the muscles.

So constantly challenge yourself by increasing the volume of training, and you can do this by increasing the weights lifted in each exercise from time to time. Generally speaking, when you notice that you can lift weights up to 10 reps easily, this is a clear indication that you need to gain weight the next time you train.

2- The mental connection to the muscle

There is a growing body of research studying the relationship between mind and body while performing muscle building exercises. It clearly indicates that you can increase muscle activity when there is a connection between them and your brain. Thus, you can build muscle quickly.

And you can create a better mind-body connection by learning where you should "feel" each movement. For example, in the upper pull exercise to strengthen and amplify the back muscles, you should feel that the movement directly affects the muscles of your back, especially the calcaneus.

3- Correct posture for exercise

Before starting any exercise, you must learn the correct way to perform the exercise. This is very important to avoid injury, and incorrect posture may completely lose the benefits of training. In addition, when you perform the exercise in a correct manner, this enhances the chance of mental coherence between your mind and your muscles, and this is why we explained its importance in the previous point.

4- Limit cardio exercises to build muscle

Since building muscle requires an excess of calories in the body to supply your muscles with nutrients. This contrasts with cardio, which burns a lot of calories and makes building muscle more difficult.

In the first months at least, avoid cardio exercises until you reach a suitable muscle mass and you can do it later. For people who want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, there are specific types of cardio exercises for this goal, “get to know them from here.”

What do you eat to build muscle?

best supplements for muscle gain and strength

Nutrition is the second half of the muscle building equation, and no type of exercise will help you unless you provide your body with the right nutrients to build stronger and bigger muscle tissue.

Because how you build muscle depends on protein synthesis, the more protein your body stores, the faster you can build muscle.

The problem is that the body is constantly depleting protein for other processes such as making hormones and producing energy. This in turn causes a decrease in the amount of protein in the body.

And as Michael Houston, Ph.D., professor of nutrition at Virginia Tech, says, you should get more protein to ensure you increase your muscle stores.

How much protein do you need to build muscle?

You should get about 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, which is roughly the maximum amount your body can use in a day, according to a landmark study in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

For example, a 70kg man should get about 154g of protein per day. Protein-rich foods can help you meet your daily protein requirement.

Eat more calories every day

In addition to eating protein, you need more energy to help you perform exercises and also to prevent protein from being used as an energy source.

To achieve maximum muscle bulk, research suggests that you should eat 300 to 500 calories each day more than your daily caloric needs.

The Fitness and Agility Calorie Calculator can help you “in this link”. Determine your basic calorie needs, as well as how many calories are needed to build muscle.

Clean and dirty muscle bulking

There are two main types of muscle gain diets, clean muscle gain, which aims to eat a lot of calories but with a restriction on fat percentage. Dirty bulking is about eating too many calories from high-calorie, high-fat foods to promote rapid weight gain.

The second type may seem more attractive to many because of the less restrictive food choices and the potential ability to gain weight more quickly. However, research suggests that clean, lean muscle bulk may lead to better body composition.

Generally speaking, for skinny people, there are no real problems with eating a diet with a high percentage of fat. But if you are overweight and want to build muscle at the same time, you should reduce the percentage of fat in your diet.

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What do you eat before and after training?

The quality of food and the timing of eating it may also affect muscle building, before exercise aim to eat nutrients that provide a large amount of energy to help you perform the exercises.

While it is best to have protein-rich foods in a meal about one hour after exercise. This ensures better protein synthesis.

The importance of rest to build muscle

After strenuous muscle building exercises and supplying the body with the necessary nutrients. The important role of rest comes to amplify the muscles. Especially since 90% of the muscle building process itself happens during the rest period. Therefore, it is very important that you provide the best possible environment to allow your muscles to recover.

Muscle recovery involves removing lactic acid and hydrogen, and rebalancing muscle nutrients and electrolytes.

Why do you feel pain after exercising?

Muscle soreness is a good sign that you performed well during training, which can be beneficial for muscle gain. It is usually caused by tiny tears in your muscles, which lead to inflammation and pain. The body begins to recover from this pain within two or three days of training.

How do you speed up muscle recovery?

First, you must get enough sleep at least 6 hours every night. Also, some light exercises such as stretching and walking for 30 minutes may help speed up muscle recovery. In addition, it is very necessary to avoid training the same muscle on two consecutive days.

How long does it take to build muscle?

The amount of muscle gained and the time needed to gain muscle depends on several factors such as. Training quality, nutrition, gender and some genetic factors.

For beginners, the important thing at this stage is to improve the quality of your training and eat the right foods to build muscle. If these factors are available, you can gain muscle in the following way.

According to a reliable study, you can gain about “a quarter of a kilogram to 1 kilogram” in a month. This depends on the nature of the body so that skinny people gain muscle faster than others.

While this may seem like a slow development, the results can be dramatic over time. After only one year of training, you can gain about 12 kg of lean muscle. Which would be a major fitness change for just about anyone.


1- Building muscle requires commitment to training and eating the necessary foods to build muscles while providing comfort to the body for muscle recovery.

2- Compound exercises should be included in the muscle-building exercise program mainly in addition to a few isolation exercises to target small muscles.

3- How to build muscle depends on perseverance for months and years of training, so you must be patient and continue training and follow changes in weight and muscle size. Noting the change may give you a boost to keep going and work harder.

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