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 It's hard to find plenty of time to go to the gym with the fast and busy pace of life. "Madam Net" informs you about bodybuilding exercises at home without machines in the following report:

6 bodybuilding exercises at home

While lifting weights is good for building strength and sculpting the body, some people may be tempted to exercise with only their body weight without the use of weights or machines. So, if you are working out at home and want to give dumbbells a rest.

Here is a list of home bodybuilding exercises without machines: To achieve satisfactory results, do your exercise routine two to three times a week.

Warm up before you start. Five minutes of brisk walking or jogging will do the job. Stretch afterwards to reduce pain.

1. Cranes


Push ups are a good way to start your workout as they increase your heart rate and warm your muscles

Start standing straight. Then, straighten both arms so that they are parallel to the floor. Keeping your arms straight and head and neck stationary, bend forward at the hips and rotate your torso, your right hand touching the floor. So back to the starting point. Immediately jump with your feet back, turn to the left, and touch the floor with your left hand. Then, return to the starting point.

Complete 12-15 repetitions for 3 sets.

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2. Plank


The plank is an essential exercise as it provides benefits for the entire body

Take a raised form of the plank on your hands. Make sure your core is straight and your lower back doesn't sag. Your neck and spine should be neutral. Lift your right hand off the floor and back toward your left thigh, tapping it with your fingers. Then back to the plank.

Repeat with your left hand, tapping with your right, then return to the plank.

Complete 3 sets.

3. Step gradient


Graduated steps are great for balance and stability

Begin by standing in front of a knee-high bench, or stepping on your feet together. Step into the bench with your right foot and push your heel and left knee up. Then, lower your left leg, and lower back. Complete 10-15 with your right leg, switch and complete 10-15 forward with your left leg.

Complete 3 sets.

4. Mountain climbers

Take a high plank form with your arms and keeping your spine and neck neutral, move your right knee toward your chest and out of the way. Immediately push your left knee toward your chest.

Repeat for 30 seconds as fast as you can. Complete 3 complete sets.

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5 squat jump

Exercises that require your muscles to exert a lot of force in a short period of time. It's highly impactful, so if your joints are sensitive, be careful.

Squat down with your arms bent and hands extended in front of you. Jump, and land again on the balls of your feet. When you reach the floor again, sit down and repeat the step.

Complete 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

6. Burpees


Burpees are a full-body movement that burns calories quickly

Start standing straight with feet shoulder width apart and arms down at your sides. Begin to squat, and move your hands in front of you. Once you reach the floor, extend your legs straight back to end up in a high plank shape. Immediately after you reach the high plank, hop your feet up with your palms at your waist. Land, stand up and immediately go into a squat jump. After you land, extend your legs out again, starting with 15 repetitions.