The most favorite exercises of Hollywood stars


Many strive to live the glamorous and energetic celebrity lifestyle, and these stars are role models for many women around the world. Many people wonder about the secret behind the slenderness of celebrities. "Madam Net" informs you of the most important favorite exercises of Hollywood stars in the following report:

Hollywood-style body sculpting exercises

Exercises that help tighten and strengthen the muscles of the body, similar to Hollywood stars



It is no coincidence that many stars flaunt their strong bodies that are shaped and sculpted by skilled trainers who supervise their training and appearance in their best form. And while you don't need to copy anyone's workout routine, it can help to check out Hollywood's favorite exercises from yoga, to kickboxing, to weight training, to HIIT or high-intensity interval training.


1. Olympic Weightlifting - Victoria Beckham


Olympic weightlifting is a form of strength training

Former Spice Girls member and fashion designer Victoria Beckham tends to try out Olympic lifting. In addition to her love for hiking in her spare time, her daily workout is weightlifting.

Her coach, Bobby Rich, explains, “The benefits from her training routines have become negligible. Despite spending more than 90 minutes of daily sessions in the gym, she was only maintaining her fitness levels rather than improving in other meaningful ways. She was ready for a change: "She now spends less time in the gym than ever before, but works more efficiently."

Try this workout at home: You'll need between 35 and 90 minutes, and while you can train weights at home, Olympic weightlifting in particular will likely require a gym.

You can perform a great workout in a much shorter amount of time and build lean muscle fairly quickly if you are consistent with your training and gradual weight gain.

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2. Pilates - Adele


Pilates challenges all the little, often neglected muscles in your stomach, arms and legs.

Adele's former personal trainer says the star's fitness success is tied to balance, emphasizing that "thin was never the goal, she does it for herself and her son Angelo."

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that doesn't make you sweat too much, but it challenges all the little, often neglected muscles in your stomach, arms, and legs. This exercise is a great option at home if you only have five minutes or so.

Do the exercise at home: All you need is a hand towel, set aside 20 minutes of your time, and a soft floor.

Repeat this exercise several times. Make sure to tighten the abdominal muscles all the time, and increase the number of repetitions daily.

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3. Ellie Goulding Weighted Circuit


This exercise helps increase endurance

Ellie Goulding has always been an advocate of regular exercise. She has spoken candidly in the past about how exercise has helped her with both physical and mental health: "Exercise makes me feel good about myself: it keeps me sane." To try this exercise at home: You will need an hour of time and some weights.

Exercise: Do this exercise three to four times, pausing after each set.

8 to 10 weighted squats, 8 to 10 bodyweight pushups, 8 to 10 lunges Finish your session with kickboxing to raise your heart rate.

This training is safe and makes you feel strong and endurance.