Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extension

Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extension

Where you can perform it either from a standing or sitting position. Also you can use two hands or one hand.

dumbbell seated overhead tricep extension

What is the difference between using both hands or one hand?

Using the hands: It means a greater ability to lift heavier weights, which may help you build more muscle mass.

Using a dumbbell in each hand: This allows you to ensure that you don't train one hand more than the other, which in turn may help you prevent muscle imbalances.

How to perform the exercise:

Sit on a shoulder chair, or a flat bench.

Hold one dumbbell in both hands.

Make sure your elbows are close to your ears to avoid injury to the elbow joint.

Lift the weight by straightening your arms together.

Slowly lower back up to your upper back.

one arm overhead dumbbell extension