11 Ways To Slimming Buttocks And Thighs Quickly For Men And Women

Slimming Buttocks

The problem of enlarged and sagging buttocks is one of the most annoying problems for both men and women. They force the man to wear long and wide clothes to hide this inflation. It also prevents women from wearing clothes and dresses that they desire and reduces their attractiveness. And the large size of the buttocks or the rear causes poor self-confidence and a general feeling of frustration and shame for both sexes.

Slimming Buttocks

Dozens of buttocks slimming exercises, medications, and various types of diets have been spread on the Internet and magazines. But before we get to know the most powerful and successful ways to completely eliminate this annoying problem, let us quickly learn about the causes and origins of this problem so that we can face it with intelligence and foreknowledge.

What are the reasons for the accumulation of fat in the lower part of women and men?

Slimming Buttocks

thinner thighs and buttocks

As you can see in the previous picture, the problem of fat accumulation in the lower part of the body gives the body a “pear” shape. This body type is more prevalent in women than in men. And men are famous for the “apple” body, which is the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. There are many reasons that cause the problem of obesity and hypertrophy in the lower part of the body (body pear):

1 - Increased female hormone levels:

An increase in the female hormone above its normal levels causes obesity, accumulation of fat in the lower part, water retention in the body, and leads to many cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. And the increase in the female hormone may be for natural reasons such as puberty and pregnancy for women. It may be due to external factors such as the foods we eat. Food in the Arab world is often loaded with harmful pesticides that increase the female hormone, or livestock and poultry breeders use hormones for fattening and weight gain. The man also suffers from an abnormal increase in the female hormone due to food and the environment, which leads to enlarged buttocks and an increase in the size of his chest.

2- Bad eating habits and lifestyle:

Eating fast foods that exceed your calorie needs on a daily basis, and this leads to increased fat accumulation. Fat cells have a role in converting the male hormone testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. Excess fat also leads to increased insulin resistance, which means an increase in estrogen levels. Stress also increases the female sex hormone, which means an increase in fat accumulation in the buttocks. This is in addition to the fact that women fight stress and depression by eating calorie-dense foods.

3- Too much sitting leads to an enlarged buttocks:

Scientists have discovered that the constant pressure and stretching of fat cells causes them to release 50% more fat. Excessive sitting not only leads to an increase in the size of the buttocks, but also causes many health problems, and it also shortens life.

So, what is the best way to lose weight on the buttocks and thighs?

Dr. Thomas Wadden, Syracuse University, USA, conducted an interesting experiment. Dr. Thomas took different sizes of obese women and put them under a diet to lose weight. He compared measurements after losing weight and made an important discovery.

Dr. Thomas found that apple-shaped women lost fat from these areas, resulting in a change in their body shape. While women with a pear body (fat accumulation in the lower part) lost fat in the upper part and the lower part, which made their lower body still appear more voluptuous than the upper part. Thus, the diet failed to change the shape of their bodies.

Dr. Thomas concluded that women with a pear body must exercise iron and build the upper body so that the lower part does not appear larger. This is why many women wear “shoulders” under their clothes.

Highly effective steps to slim the buttocks for men and women:

1 – It is not possible to target a specific area and reduce it:

Dozens of “butt slimming exercises” or specific aerobics programs or treadmills that help target buttock fat have gone viral on the Internet. All of this is fraud, without any doubt. Fat cannot be targeted to a specific area. The body burns fat in a specific order according to genetics. Some people lose fat from their face first and lose fat from their buttocks later. And some gain fat in the buttocks much faster than the rest of their body. This is something natural and impossible to reverse or overcome through certain buttocks slimming exercises.

2 - To burn buttocks fat, all body fat must be burned:

To burn buttocks fat, the body must consume fat as an energy source. Simply calculate your calorie needs and then design a diet where you eat 500 calories less than these needs. And then the body will burn fat until its stores deplete and it will have to consume fat stores in the buttocks because there is nothing left.

3 - Maintain a high metabolic rate (burn rate) until the end of the journey:

As I explained, buttock fat is the last thing to be burned in the body. This requires a diet and training program that raises your metabolism. In this article, I explained 11 ways to raise metabolic rates in order to avoid stopping the fat burning process, or what is known as weight stability:

4 - Do exercises to strengthen and tighten the buttocks:

And I don't mean the "butt slimming exercises" that are circulating on the Internet. But I mean iron exercises that strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. This is because studies have shown that the chances of burning fat from a specific area are better if this area is exercised with heavy weights. Of course, this will not happen without eating fewer calories than your daily needs, as I explained in point number 1. Among the most famous of these exercises are:

Lunges exercise:

Slimming Buttocks

slim butts

Glute Ham Raises:

Slimming Buttocks

slimming down buttocks

5- Do not forget to exercise and strengthen the upper body:

Strengthening the upper body and exposing the shoulders and back with iron exercises gives the impression of a small butt. This advice is for both men and women. The weak and flabby appearance of a woman's upper body is very unattractive.

6- Eat foods rich in probiotics:

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria for the human body. It lives in the human stomach and helps it digest harmful estrogens and expel them from the body. There are many dairy products that are rich in probiotics. Just look for this on the outer packaging of these products. Also, ask your pharmacist about natural supplements that contain probiotics.

7- Eating dietary fiber:

Dietary fiber absorbs harmful estrogens from the body and expels them from the stomach. You can eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, or you can take a fiber supplement called Psyllium Husk.

8- Buy organic dairy and meat:

As we talked about before, many farmers, livestock and poultry farmers use harmful substances for fattening. This leads to an increase in the level of estrogen in the body. So buy guaranteed organic products that do not contain these harmful substances.

9 – Take a multivitamin:

The body needs vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium to convert excess estrogen into the male hormone. This means rebalancing the hormones in the body.

10 - Stay away from soy products:

Soybeans and dairy products are known for their ability to increase the female hormone. Therefore, it is preferable to stay away from it if you have a problem with enlarged buttocks and thighs.

11 - Get plenty of sleep and calm your nerves:

Not getting enough sleep affects levels of the hormone melatonin, which combats the harmful increase in estrogen. Stress also causes progesterone to be consumed in the production of cortisol, leaving an excess of estrogen.

An evaluation of other popular methods that help slim the buttocks:

1- Buttock liposuction:

At first, buttock liposuction seems to be an effective solution, as it removes fat cells from the ground up, which also means that fat does not return to this area. But removing fat cells is a big problem. When a person burns fat, the fat cells shrink in size and do not disappear. Therefore, removing fat cells leads to abnormal accumulation of fat in other “strange” places, such as the pubic area and the upper buttocks. Which leads to an abnormal appearance of a man or a woman.

In addition, the liposuction procedures themselves are dangerous and may cause major complications and sometimes death. Especially if it is done in cheap, unsecured places and has no supervision.

2- Buttocks slimming shorts:

Slimming shorts has an effective effect on removing excess water from the body. But after returning to drink water, the size of the buttocks increases again. In addition, slimming shorts may cause complications in hot and humid weather, such as dehydration, sunstroke, and dizziness.