Yogurt diet for quick weight loss

Yogurt diet

 Despite the spread of many new dieting systems in Egypt and the Arab world, Egypt ranks first in obesity in the world, according to Bloomberg Network statistics, followed by Jordan and Syria in fifth place, and Saudi Arabia in seventh place. This makes us analyze the popular dieting systems honest scientific analysis in order to know the reason for the exacerbation of the problem of obesity in this way. In this article, you will learn the yogurt diet method in detail, the benefits and harms of the diet, and the best alternative to it.

keto frozen yogurt

keto frozen yogurt

Yogurt diet,

What is the yogurt diet?

The yogurt diet is a popular and popular diet. Where this diet is published in many women's magazines and slimming sites. These websites and magazines claim that you can lose 4 kilos per week of your body weight when you follow this diet. The diet is as follows:

- Breakfast: a box of yogurt sweetened with honey with a cup of tea or coffee with skim milk.

- Lunch: a cup of yogurt sweetened with honey with grilled meat or chicken and a salad plate.

- Dinner: a cup of yogurt sweetened with honey with 3 pieces of low-calorie fruit.

With a quick look at this diet, the total calories are only about 500 calories. There is no difference from the diet of the traditional slimming clinic, except for adding a cup of yogurt sweetened with honey to each meal.

What are the drawbacks and harms of the yogurt diet?

keto frozen yogurt

keto frozen yogurt

In fact, if you follow a 500-calorie diet, you can actually lose 3-4 kilograms per week. But most of the loss is from body muscle, not fat. This is for the following reasons:

The diet is very low in calories: when calories drop in this terrible way, the body begins to waste and break down muscle mass. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in food metabolism (burning rates) and entry into the starvation phase, which leads to a cessation of weight loss and entry into a weight stability phase after a few months. This is in addition to the weak and bad form and the accumulation of stubborn fat for the follower of this diet.

The diet is completely fat-free: eating fat does not lead to weight gain. This is just a legend. The human body needs fats for life. Completely abstaining from consuming fats, especially omega-3, may lead to serious health complications and may cause death, God forbid. You must eat 15-20% of your calories from fat in order to maintain your life and for greater rates of weight loss and fat burning.

Dieting does not include a training system: Iron exercises, whether for men or women, must first be practiced to maintain muscle mass while following the diet. If iron exercises are ignored, most of the weight lost will be muscle, not fat. This slows down the metabolic rate of food and stops burning rates.

Dieting devoid of essential nutrients: Dieting is very poor in vitamins, minerals and fiber. This leads to weakness, deterioration of health, depression, frustration, fatigue, dizziness, weak immunity, insomnia and extreme hunger.

What is the perfect alternative to the yogurt diet?

Undoubtedly, yogurt is an excellent food while dieting. It contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium and bacteria that aid digestion. Therefore, you can eat large amounts of yogurt and use it in salads, make yogurt dressing and fruit drinks with yogurt, as well as make yogurt ice cream..etc.

But your diet should contain good amounts of calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Iron and aerobic exercises should also be practiced to increase fat burning rates and avoid weakness and weight stability.

You must have a long-term plan to burn all body fat and maintain muscle mass. Otherwise, follow the popular fast diets that have limited effect and quickly gain the lost weight again.