Best Bicep Exercises to Build Muscle and enlarge the biceps muscle

 If you are looking for the most powerful biceps exercises in order to get an exceptional appearance in addition to strength and fitness, then you are definitely reading the right article.

Best Bicep Exercises

This article contains a set of the best biceps exercises and the correct methods of amplifying the biceps, in addition to muscular anatomy and important tips for calcifying the muscle and pointing out the mistakes and obstacles that stand in the way between you and the enlargement and strengthening of your biceps muscles.

The biceps muscles may not be the largest or strongest group in your body, but you can confidently say that they are the best muscles in display and appearance in your body, and most importantly, the ease of inflating and highlighting the biceps muscles, to help you in this task, we have created this list of the most powerful biceps exercises that target the biceps muscle from all over the world. angles.

Muscular anatomy of the biceps muscle

The biceps muscle consists of two heads: the long head is lateral to the arm, and the short head is more medial, i.e. inside the arm.

There is also a muscle neglected by many called the brachialis and helps in bending the elbow and when it is exercised well, it helps to push the biceps muscles up to provide a better top.

Therefore, the strongest bicep exercises are those that allow the growth of both the head of the biceps and the brachialis muscle.

Important tips for building biceps

Enlargement of the biceps muscle is at the top of the wish list of everyone you see around you in the hall, but unfortunately it does not reach this much. One of the reasons is to stick to simple dumbbell exercises and as you know your body is very good at adapting and once it gets used to these simple exercises, it will not give you the desired results, and therefore you have to force The biceps muscle is to grow by taking them out of the area of ​​simple routine exercises and exercising them with focus and strength.

Let's cite the opinion of fitness model, personal trainer and “WBFF Pro” Daniel Ventura.

Daniel says: In order to build the muscles of the biceps, you must focus on the perfect form, and exercise in a complete and correct range of motion, and most importantly, do not carry more weights than you can bear. Exercise as correctly as possible.

Do not lift heavy weights: You are already training the biceps during the back exercise, so it is better not to be too hard on them. It needs to pump the blood well with some isolation exercises to highlight and sculpt the biceps muscles.

Pay attention to warming up: for example, you can start your exercise with one of the light exercises with repetitions of up to 20 to pump blood into the biceps muscle well and to soften the tendons, especially between your arms and shoulders.

The correct position for the exercise: you must take a position that puts the muscle under pressure as much as possible, for example, the slow descent of the load makes the muscle under the pressure of gravity and requires you to better control and this is all you need to enlarge the biceps muscles, also the contraction at the top of the movement for two seconds and this is very important in pelleting the biceps muscles .

Full range of movement: This is very necessary to build the biceps muscles as much as possible, so make sure that the exercise takes a full range of movement, especially in the first three sets due to the difficulty of the last set with the maximum weight you can carry, but if you want large and huge biceps muscles, do not neglect the exercise position and the range of movement full.

Best bicep exercises

1- Weighted Olympic bar

Best Bicep Exercises

Biceps exercises, weighted by the bar

This exercise is without a doubt an icon and one of the most important biceps exercises and most exercises that target the biceps muscle from all angles.

Why is it considered one of the best biceps exercises?

Simple and effective: This exercise is easy to perform, and the use of a bar helps you add heavier weights and also a greater ability to perform the exercise correctly.

Increase the size of the arm as a whole: As a complex exercise that targets the arm muscles in general and the possibility of loading heavier weights, you find it impossible to compare with easy isolation exercises due to the guaranteed biceps enlargement results that this wonderful exercise gives you.

How to perform the exercise:

Stand straight holding the bar with a fist slightly wider than your shoulders

Push the chest up a little and pull the shoulders back at the same level

Keep your elbows at shoulder level and slightly off your ribs

Slowly raise the bar using the biceps muscles, making sure that you do not bend your body forward or your shoulders, or your elbows collapse forward. Keep them at shoulder level.

Make sure to squeeze the muscle well at the highest point

Lower the bar again slowly, controlling the weight

Do not bring the bar up to your thighs, raise it again before it touches your body so that the muscle remains under pressure throughout the exercise

Important note: You can perform the same exercise with dumbbells if there is one hand weaker than the other. Both exercises are close to the result, except for the superiority of the bar in adding more weights and being a compound exercise.

The most powerful biceps exercises "short head"

2- Weighted with a zigzag bar, a wide grip

Best Bicep Exercises

Weighted by the zigzag bar wide handle

The short head exercise depends mainly on the wide grip, so the zigzag bar is one of the best pieces used to inflate the biceps muscle, as the short head augmentation gives a huge appearance to the biceps muscles due to its clear presence in the middle of the arm.

How to perform the exercise:

Stand straight holding the bar with a wide grip “palms facing forward” keeping your elbows by your torso

With your shoulders and chest fixed up, slowly raise the bar up until it reaches your shoulder level. Squeeze your biceps at the highest point.

Slowly lower the bar back to the starting position

Repeat the recommended repetitions until you finish your set.

3- Spider curls exercise

Best Bicep Exercises

Spider curls workout

Where the arms are in front of the body, you can target the short head better, since the short head does not cross the shoulder joint and therefore you will be more active during the movement.

During this exercise, an inclined “horse” seat is used, as some call it, and the arms are placed on it in front of your body.

How to perform the exercise:

Fix the bar well in the designated place

Stand behind the seat, make sure your feet are firmly on the floor and your stomach on the seat from the back

Lean your body at an angle of 45, straighten your arms at the front of the seat

Hold the bar with a wide grip, palms facing upwards

Slowly raise the bar to the end of the range of motion

Squeeze your biceps for one second

Lower the bar to a slow, controlled starting position, and repeat until the end of the set

The most powerful biceps exercises "long head"

The long head acts as a dynamic stabilizer for the humeral joint, and neglecting it may cause injuries to your shoulder, according to the Journal of Sports Medicine.

4- Swinging Bey on a Mile chair held by Hammer Curls

Best Bicep Exercises

Since the long head crosses the shoulder joint, this is one of the best exercises where the upper arm is behind the body.

How to perform the exercise:

Lie on an inclined bench, keep your back firmly fixed and your feet firmly on the ground

Holding the dumbbells in the hammer position, slowly pull the weight up, keeping the arms in a stable position.

Squeeze the muscles well on top

Lower the weight in a controlled manner, not the other way around, until the starting position

Repeat the process until the group is finished

5- Swinging by holding the hammer “Hammer Curls”

Best Bicep Exercises

Biceps exercises - hammer

This exercise is very good if you are a beginner but the above exercise is best for long head exercises.

How to perform the exercise:

Stand upright with splitters next to your torso

Hold the dumbbells in the hammer position “palm your hand towards your body”

Lift the weight with your shoulders firmly fixed until the muscle is completely contracted and the dumbbells are at your shoulders

Squeeze the muscle well, focusing on the stability of the elbow and moving the arms only

Slowly lower the weight to the starting position, then repeat until the end of the set

Focusing on the brachialis is a good way to highlight and enlarge the biceps muscles. It also helps raise the biceps muscle and give it a dome shape. Although it has one benefit, which is bending the elbow, it is very important in inflating the biceps muscles.

Note: The brachial exercise is done with most biceps exercises in general and Hammer exercises in particular, so I will focus on only one exercise that gives the greatest degree of isolation and focus on it.

6- Swinging with a zigzag bar, holding it in reverse “palm down”

Best Bicep Exercises

This movement enables you to focus on the brachialis because it shifts most of the pressure on it rather than on the biceps themselves.

How to perform the exercise:

Stand straight and grab a zigzag bar with a medium grip in line with your shoulders and your palms facing down

Extend your arms down as long as the bar does not touch your body

Slowly raise the weight up, keeping your elbows and shoulders fixed

Lower the bar to the starting position, then repeat until completion

Last word

Although the biceps muscles are trained on the back, you need a separate exercise using the strongest biceps exercises. Intensive training on the back helps build, but is not enough to inflate and round the biceps muscles.

Bars and dumbbells are the best tools available. You can include cables and equipment, but you can never do without free weights.

Exercising your biceps once a week is sufficient as they are primarily involved while training your back.

It is very important to be patient since this muscle is highly dependent on genetics but with the right training you will get huge and strong biceps.

And finally, “If you have questions, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.” You can also follow us on social media.