Best diet to lose belly fat -The method of burning fat..and the reasons for failure to lose weight

 Losing weight is a very detailed process, you may deprive yourself of your favorite foods and follow your diet to the fullest, but unfortunately you do not see good results.

Best diet to lose belly fat

Sometimes you may fail to lose weight due to simple mistakes you make without noticing. If your plan has any of these problems, correct them so that you can lose weight and reach your goal.

1- Follow the diet for a very long time.

If you always leave the table feeling very hungry, that has to change.

The reason is that your constant starvation mode may slow down your metabolism even though you consume fewer calories but you also burn fewer calories.

Therefore, I advise you to take a break from the diet for a week or two. Do not be afraid of the calories that may increase. You only take one step back for a good result in the long run.

2- You don't measure your meals correctly.

Best diet to lose belly fat

Appropriate serving size

This is undoubtedly one of the most important reasons that may hinder you.

When preparing your meals, you deal with the matter relatively, adding one tablespoon of this and two tablespoons of that.

For example, one tablespoon of peanut butter can reach 100 calories, if you make the same mistake with high-calorie items such as meat and fish, you will not be able to lose weight.

So determine exactly how many calories you need and use a scale to make it easier and estimate the amount of food needed for each meal in your day.

3- Don't constantly adjust your diet.

If you achieve good results by following a suitable diet, congratulations to you.

But you can't keep doing the same thing you started with and expect the same results.

Unfortunately your body does not work this way, the body changes itself in response to your plan.

When the body notices that you are consuming fewer calories, it adapts to this situation and begins to consume less to maintain the few sources of fuel to perform your daily tasks.

So you have to change your fat burning strategy, whether by using another food plan or some change in your exercise regime or meal timing.

Some changes may be helpful in getting the body to burn more calories.

4- You go to the gym to burn calories only.

There is no problem in going to the gym to lose weight unless that is your only goal.

If you are looking to lose weight, it is likely that you rely mainly on cardio because this method you think helps you burn more calories compared to weight training.

Thus, you ignore weightlifting despite the benefits of weightlifting in burning your entire body fat and reshaping your body and growing muscle with it.

If you already rely on cardio and ignore weight lifting exercises, this is a mistake because you are depriving yourself of the benefits of some compound exercises, which many studies have proven their ability to burn fat in the entire body because they target a large number of muscles and joints at the same time, and the secretion of testosterone, which helps in Reducing the percentage of fat in the body, and you will get a slim and wonderful body.

The best slimming programs that rely on fitness exercises to burn fat, so I advise you to lift weights at least 70 percent of the exercise, cardio exercises are important, but it must be something to improve the results of fat burning through weight lifting exercises.

5- You exercise very hard.

The simple activities you do during your day may play a very important role in losing weight.

If your exercise is very intense and strenuous, you may deprive yourself of these benefits by not being able to practice these activities due to the stress caused by the exercise.

For example: If your exercise is good but not exhausting and you burn 300 calories, and you still have the energy to burn about another 400 calories through daily activities such as walking to do some errands or playing with your children, the total will be 700 calories.

Now let's say your workout was so hard that you burned 500 calories, then spend the rest of the day lying on the couch how much would you burn lying in front of the TV? 50 calories?, the total will be 550 calories??

What is meant here is never underestimate the benefits of daily activities in burning fat and do not let your hard exercise deprive you of these benefits, exercise well without exhausting your body so that you can practice your routine and burn more calories.

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