Best Shoulder Exercises.. Only 7 exercises to inflate the shoulder muscles quickly

 What are the strongest shoulder exercises, and is knowing shoulder exercises enough to build shoulder muscles?

Shoulder Exercises

The answer to the first question is easy, there are a huge amount of articles that offer all shoulder exercises.

But the second question, the answer is definitely no. Looking at the shoulder muscles, you will find in front of you three different muscle parts that are intertwined together with very weak tendons. Therefore, you must understand well how to build the shoulder muscles in a scientific and correct way, otherwise you will not reach any result except wasting time and worse than that, any An inappropriate exercise, God forbid, will injure your shoulders, and what do you know about shoulder injuries?

Shoulder muscle anatomy

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body. It consists of two main joints

The glenohumeral joint: It is the overlap of the upper part of the arm into the ball of the shoulder

 Clavicle muscle joint: It is the junction of the collar bone with the shoulder blade

 The shoulder also contains a large number of muscles that form its external shape and help it move in a wide range, in addition to protecting the basic shoulder joints.

The largest of the shoulder muscles is the deltoid three. This large muscle covers the shoulder joints, forming a round shape. It consists of three main muscles:

Anterior shoulder muscles

Lateral shoulder muscles

Back shoulder muscles

Shoulder muscle anatomy

A picture showing the muscular anatomy of the shoulder

The three shoulder muscles must be trained equally, because the disparity in the size of any part of the shoulder appears strikingly.

Sometimes you may need to train the back and side shoulder muscles more than the front shoulder muscles, which you train indirectly during the chest exercise.

Do you notice how complicated this stubborn muscle is?? This is good. We know that, but what makes it more difficult is that shoulder muscles are influenced by genetics a lot.. However, you can build huge shoulder muscles just read on.

Common mistakes in shoulder exercise

It is usual for the mistakes part to be at the end of the article, but I deliberately made it here because of its importance. The best shoulder exercises are everywhere as I explained previously, and you will find here the best of them all, but let's focus on the most important now.

1- Focus on the wrong shoulder exercises

Many people focus on isolation exercises and cables while building shoulder muscles. This seems true given its small size, but the reality is different.

You cannot move the weight safely or perform the exercise correctly if the weight is heavy in isolation exercises such as the side flaps as opposed to the upper bar press.

According to a study conducted by a couple of German scientists named Buskies and Boeck-Behrens

To determine what are the best shoulder exercises “10 bodybuilders participated in”

The main results showed that the shoulder pressure with the barbell was superior to the frontal raise with dumbbells by 41%.

This is supported by a lot of survey research, as no one has been able to build huge shoulder muscles without resorting to compound exercises.

The importance of isolation exercises is undeniable in targeting specific parts of the muscle such as the posterior shoulder muscles but they should not be the focus of the exercise.

If you want to build stronger and bigger shoulder muscles, your shoulder exercises should focus on compound exercises such as upper bar lifts and dumbbells, while spending less time on lateral and front flaps.

2- Focus on pumping exercises

This is a very important point.

1- There is research that proves the possibility of building muscle with light weights with a larger number of sets and repetitions. This is true.

2- There is also research that proves that when you reach the genetic limit for muscle growth naturally, you need to lift weights compulsorily - that is, you will need more strength.

3- The problem here is that you can build shoulder muscles with light weights, but up to a certain limit - do not worry, there is a solution to this problem.

 For example, in a study conducted by scientists at Lehman College, 24 physically active and resistance-trained men were divided into two groups:

 The first group did three exercises per week of 21 sets of each exercise in a range of 8 to 12 reps with 70 to 80 percent of 1RM's "maximum amount of weight you can lift."

The second group did three exercises per week of 21 sets of each exercise in the range of 25 to 35 reps with 30 to 50 percent of their 1RM.

Both groups did the same exercises, which included bench press, upper bar lift, barbell row, upper pull, squat, front and back leg cables. Both groups were also directed to maintain the same eating habits with the same diets.

 The result was that the two groups gained the same amount of muscle, but with one difference the first group gained significantly more strength. If the chances of gaining muscle for the first group increase when the genetic limit for muscle growth is reached.

Another point to keep in mind is that one of the most important basics of building muscle is to reach muscle failure - with heavier weights you need 8-10 reps at the most, but in the case of light weights it takes 20 reps, which makes it cumbersome and a potential waste of time.

This is why lower shoulder exercises are mainly based on strength training and compound exercises.

 3- Neglecting the gradual increase in weight

In the previous two points we explain how to gradually inflate the shoulder muscles. Building muscle requires constantly increasing the pressure on the muscle to encourage your muscles to grow, and the best way to do this is to gradually increase the weight.

In other words, the key to building muscle isn't about doing different exercises or constantly changing your workout schedule, but about making your muscles work harder, and that's exactly what happens with regular weight gain.

Best shoulder exercises

The process of building shoulder muscles is to get the most of the compound and core exercises.

 The most powerful shoulder exercises are push-ups that allow you to move the maximum possible weight safely with the correct performance of the movement.

1- Anterior shoulder press

Shoulder Exercises

front shoulder press

It is the best and most effective shoulder exercise ever. Therefore, it takes the lion's share of the explanation due to its different ways of performing it, and if you had to choose one exercise, it would be this exercise.

Why is it considered the most important shoulder exercises?

Allows adding heavy weights without risking shoulder injury

There are four different ways to perform the exercise and get great results. Choose what suits your body.

EMG is a method for recording the electrical activity of skeletal muscles. Pressing with dumbbells may activate the shoulder muscles a little more than pressing with a barbell.

Shoulder press with dumbbells cannot be considered better than a barbell, so try both and choose the one that suits you best.

Now there are two different positions to perform the exercise - standing and sitting. Try them and you will notice that the standing position is more difficult and it is better in results and supports this (EMG) research, but there is a disadvantage in this position.

You will need more time to learn how to stand properly.

More pressure on the lower back, which increases the risk of injury to the back

 You must be careful when gaining weight due to the seriousness of the injury, as it requires the strength of the entire body, from the fat to the shoulders.

In my personal opinion, the sitting position is better to avoid injury, especially if you are working out your lower and back body on both legs and back exercises

Front shoulder exercises

2- Arnold press

Shoulder Exercises

Arnold press

One of the most powerful front shoulder exercises was invented by the wonderful Arnold “Therefore, I find no reason to explain the benefits of this exercise more than that Arnold himself used to inflate the shoulder muscles.”

This exercise is very important to give the shoulder muscle a three-dimensional shape, because it hits the entire three parts of the shoulder with a greater range of motion compared to the traditional dumbbell push-up.

“This exercise is advanced and shoulder injury may occur if you do not perform it correctly, if you suffer from a shoulder injury avoid it” This video explains the exercise correctly

How to perform the exercise:

Sit on a bench with your back supported and dumbbells at chest level in your hands and your palms toward your body

Raise the dumbbells, rotating your hands outward, until your arm is straight

Lower the dumbbells again, turning your palms toward your body

Repeat the process until the recommended number is over

3- Anterior shoulder lift with cable

Shoulder Exercises

The above exercises to inflate the muscles of the front shoulder, but in order to sculpt the shoulder, this exercise is definitely great for highlighting the shoulder muscles.

Why not lift in front of me with dumbbells?

 By using the cable the range of motion will be greater

 Shoulder pressure all the time due to cable pull

How to perform the exercise?

With the D-handle in your hand, stand with your back straight and the handle down

- Put your other hand on your waist to create balance

-Lift the cable firmly upwards with your arm straightened until it is parallel to your shoulder

-Descend slowly, while you are in control of the weight.

-  After completing the set, repeat with your other shoulder

 Lateral shoulder exercises

4- side flap

Shoulder Exercises

Lateral Shoulder Exercises - Side Flap

This exercise is undoubtedly the most powerful lateral shoulder exercises, which need hard work to keep up with the front muscle that you exercise in chest exercises as well.

But the bottom line is that this wonderful exercise is misused, as it is a very delicate isolation exercise and must be performed professionally. Because the level of resistance is not equal in the different areas of movement, for example, “there is a dead point when the dumbbell touches your thigh,” so please do not focus on weight as much as you focus on performing the exercise correctly.

How to perform the side flaps:

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and your head straight.

Hold the dumbbells at your sides

Lift the dumbbells up, push the body or cheat in the movement

Keep your hand and elbow together at the same level

Pause for a moment when your arm is at shoulder level

Repeat until the set is over - you can cheat on the last two reps before muscle fatigue hits, but just a little bit.

5- Side flap with cable

Shoulder Exercises

Lateral Shoulder Exercises - Cable Side Flap

This exercise is similar to fluttering with dumbbells. “You can be satisfied with fluttering with dumbbells,” but if you want to target the lateral shoulder muscle in particular, this exercise is very wonderful, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the stability of the range of motion and pressure throughout the exercise on the target muscle.

You can also grab the rope from behind your back. This will put more load on the front shoulder muscles if you have weak ones.

How to perform the exercise:

From the same side flap position, grab the D . fist

Slowly raise your arms until they are parallel to the floor

Get down while you are completely tight on weight and do not reach the end of the movement

Raise again until you complete the required number and switch your other arm

Back shoulder exercises

6- Standing rear flap

Shoulder Exercises

Standing rear flap

The best posterior shoulder inflating exercise according to the results of EMG research tests.

The exercise can be performed with the waist bent or sitting on the edge of a level chair.

You should include this exercise on your shoulder day because it will definitely strengthen the back shoulder muscles, reducing the chances of injury to the shoulders.

How to perform the exercise:

With a dumbbell in each hand and your chest flat

Bend your knees slightly with your eyes fixed on a point on the floor directly in front of you

Bend at the hips until your torso is almost parallel to the floor

Firmly lift the dumbbells up and out on your side in an arc until your upper arms are parallel to the floor

Pause at the top for compression

Lower the dumbbells again on the same track

Pause before the end point and raise the dumbbells again to stay in pressure.

7- Face Pull

Shoulder Exercises

The face pull is a back exercise that works several joints, and it's a great exercise in rotating the shoulder muscles.

What makes this exercise a favorite of many is that it calls the middle traps to work, which increases your ability to gain weight and thus build muscle faster.

How to perform the exercise:

Hold each end of the rope sideways so that your palms are facing each other

Raise your elbows to shoulder level

Put one foot on the iron of the device or fix it in a chair

Lean back until your body forms a 45-degree angle with the ground

Pull the cable back toward your face while keeping your elbows up so that your hands are next to your ears

Go back to the start again and try not to let the weights reach the end so that the muscle remains under pressure

The last word:

Your shoulders are made up of three main muscles Make sure you train all three, especially the back and side shoulder muscles where you work the front muscles while training your chest - and push-ups in general “I don't think there is anyone who neglects chest exercise.”

The most powerful shoulder exercises are exercises that allow moving heavy weights safely and performing correctly - in other words - compound exercises and strength exercises

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