Fat Loss Reddit - 11 Simple Changes To Double Your Fat Burning Process.

 Fat Burning Process

When you follow a diet, then stop it for one or two days (diet break), don't you find a very rapid increase in fat gain? So a week's effort is wasted just because you went out of the diet for one day? This is because some people have slow metabolism (burning rates). This contributes to the rapid accumulation of fat. Fat burning rates are also slow during dieting, forcing them to further reduce calories until they reach a dam and the fat burning process stops completely, and they leave their diet after great frustration. In this article, I teach you 12 easy ways that I follow with the people I coach to increase your fat burning rates so that your body turns into a fat burning machine all day long.

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What is the basic metabolic rate responsible for the burning process?

Without getting into medical details, the BMR is the rate at which calories are burned. When you see a skinny person, he has a fast calorie burning rate, so it is difficult for him to gain excess weight. As for the person with slow burning rates, he gains fat easily with eating.

 What factors affect basal metabolic rate?

There are some factors that affect your basal metabolic rate that you can change and control, and others that are beyond your control that cannot be changed.

Age: The basic metabolic rate decreases by 5% every ten years after the age of 40. This decline is due to the erosion of muscle mass with age.

Gender: The male burns more calories than the female, and this is due to the increase in muscle mass and weight in men.

Heredity: It is possible to inherit fast or slow burning rates from your parents or grandparents.

Hormone imbalance: It is possible to have an imbalance in the work of the thyroid hormone, which causes a slow metabolism. However, people with this disorder do not exceed 3% of the population.

Muscle Mass Weight: Muscles are active tissues. In the sense that it consumes calories throughout the day and even during rest, which greatly raises the food metabolism.

After we knew a simple introduction to the basic metabolism rate (burn rate), and the factors that affect it. We come to the important part of the article, which is how to avoid the burning process?

1- Use high-intensity aerobic exercises to burn fat:

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Studies have shown that high-intensity aerobic exercise causes the body to burn calories throughout the day after completing the exercise. This is because fast running causes great exhaustion to the body, and therefore the body needs energy in order to recover from this exhaustion.

 Of course, it's hard to run at high speed for a long time. And here comes the role of “phasing exercises” or HIIT

And “stage exercises” is to run at a very high intensity for a short period of time (30-60 seconds) and then reduce the speed for another period of time until you can catch your breath with repetition. This type of exercise helps greatly in burning fat, and it is one of the favorite exercises that I recommend to advanced trainees. (Yes, this exercise is not for beginners).

2- Take fish oil (omega-3):

Omega 3 fats have huge benefits for humans. And it's not just about the benefits. Rather, they are essential to life and cannot be made by the body on its own.

Omega-3 fats also help balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation, which helps raise your basal metabolic rate. There are studies that have shown that consuming 1800 mg of fish oil or omega-3 daily for 3 months leads to a greater loss of fat by 22%. Another study showed that taking 3000 mg of fish oil for 3 months leads to a loss of 2-4 kg. Omega-3 fats have also proven effective in increasing muscle mass.

3- Do iron exercises (lifting weights):

Iron exercises burn calories from 3 directions. During iron exercises, large amounts of calories are consumed. Especially with compound bar exercises, which use more than one muscle. Also, with compound bar exercises, such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses, the body secretes male hormone and growth hormone, which leads to increased muscle mass and increased fat burning.

During iron exercises, micro tears occur in what is known as the catabolism process. After exercise and throughout the day, the body begins to repair these tears from the so-called building process. This process is the mechanism of increasing muscle mass and consuming large amounts of calories throughout the day.

In the long run, as muscle mass gain increases, the basal metabolic rate (burn rate) begins to increase. This is because muscles are active tissues and consume 70 calories per kilogram over the course of the day. Even while resting and sleeping! The more muscle mass you gain, the higher your daily caloric needs. Therefore, professional bodybuilders need thousands of calories to gain or maintain their weight.

4- More than green tea:

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Numerous studies have shown that the active substance in green tea (catechins) increases the basic metabolic rate and accelerates the fat burning process. The caffeine in green tea, along with catechins, accelerates the oxidation of fats and their use as an energy source. But it should be noted that you will need at least 5 cups a day of green tea. Therefore, it is preferable to buy green tea tablets to achieve the required amount of catechins without the need to drink large amounts of caffeine.

Quick tip: pouring boiling water over green tea will destroy the catechins (the active ingredient in green tea). Therefore, it is preferable to wait for the water to cool down a bit and then pour it over the green tea.

Stay away from inferior commercial grades of green tea, as they are devoid of nutrients and full of fluoride. Buy high quality loose green tea.

Squeezing lemon over green tea leads to increased absorption of catechins. The use of milk leads to slow absorption.

5 - Do not do a harsh diet for a long time:

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When you cut calories for too long, your body starts to sense starvation. Your body does not differentiate between harsh dieting and real danger to your life. The body then activates a vital mechanism to save your life from starvation. This mechanism includes decreasing the basic metabolic rate and fat burning rates. This is because the fat stored in your body is the last remaining energy source, so it must be preserved at all costs.

Your body also begins to break down the protein in your muscles and use it as an energy source. This is because muscle is a tissue that consumes a lot of calories and must be eliminated to save your life from starvation. Add to that, a heavy release of hunger hormones to force you to eat any way.

The good news is that eating a relatively high-calorie diet for a long period of time will restore your basal metabolic rate to its former strength.

6- Stay away from wasted fats:

Numerous studies have shown that trans fats (saturated fats chemically treated with hydrogen) have many serious health effects, such as an increased chance of heart disease and an increase in bad cholesterol in the blood.

Not only is it harmful to health, but studies have shown that hydrogenated fats stick to liver cells and fat cells. This causes insulin resistance and increased inflammation, which reduces basal metabolic rate and fat burning rates.

What are the sources of wasted fats that should be avoided?

Food fried in wasted fats

Baked goods that have been baked with wasted fat

Packaged crackers such as Cheetos, Doritos, etc

Fatty coffee creamer


Water diet

7- Get plenty of sleep:

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Studies have shown that those who do not get enough sleep (7-8) hours a day have a lower basic metabolic rate. Getting enough sleep also allows your body to rebuild muscle fibers.

Not getting enough sleep also causes stress, which encourages a stressed person to eat more calories for energy.

Advice: Stay away from hunger before bed so that insomnia does not affect you. And do not worry, eating before bed does not lead to weight gain.

8- Drink more water

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A study published in the Journal of Endocrinology found that drinking 17 ounces of water per day leads to a 30% increase in the metabolic rate. This increase begins 10 minutes after drinking water and reaches its maximum levels after 30-40 minutes. Therefore, this leaflet recommends drinking at least 2 liters per day. The body consumes many calories to raise the water temperature from 22 degrees to 36 degrees.

There are also many studies that have proven that drinking two large glasses of water before eating accelerates the feeling of satiety and leads to burning more fat in the long run.

Quick tip: A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who drank more than 5 glasses of water per day had a 41% lower chance of developing heart disease.

9- Eat protein

When you eat protein, the stomach consumes 10-30% of protein calories in order to break down and digest protein. The body takes longer to digest protein than carbohydrates and fats, which gives a greater sense of satiety. Also, studies have shown that a high-protein diet helps maintain muscle mass, which means a high metabolic rate all the time.

10- Eat fiber

Studies have shown that dietary fiber can increase fat burning rates by 25%. Fiber is starch that is not digested or broken down by the body. This makes the stomach take longer to digest food. This means a greater consumption of calories for digestion. It also means a longer feeling of satiety and greater control of blood sugar levels. The good news is that the calories in fiber = zero. Make sure to eat 25-30 grams of fiber daily.

11 – Take a multivitamin:

Vitamin D and F, iron and calcium contribute significantly to raising food metabolism and fat burning. Unfortunately, most Arab diets are deficient in these vitamins, which forces us to buy multivitamins to make up for the deficiency.