The 6 Most Powerful Ways To Lose Belly Fat and burn all body fat

 Do you have large fat deposits in the abdomen and midsection? Are you tired of this look and get frustrated and depressed? Are you unhappy with your appearance in clothes? Have you made dozens of attempts, run tens of kilometers, and bought devices and medicines for hundreds (or thousands!) of pounds to solve this problem? Don't worry and don't be sad. This article will help you lose belly fat quickly, down to the last gram of fat. I will describe to you the only way to get a flat, strong and attractive belly. And you don't need to read any other article or fall victim to the lies and deceit of misleading TV ads.

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Dangers of rumen fat:

There are two forms of body fat accumulation. There is a so-called pear shape, which is the accumulation of fat in the buttocks or the lower part of the body. And there is the apple shape, which is the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and midsection. And the “rumen” not only causes appearance and aesthetic problems, but the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases the chances of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The rumen fat does not lie in its place static. But the researchers discovered that, like living organs, they secrete hormones and harmful substances to the body. Rumen fat is easily broken down into fatty acids that are transported to the liver, which causes a significant increase in the level of harmful LDL cholesterol. In addition, it affects insulin sensitivity, which leads to the accumulation of sugar and fats in the bloodstream, which in turn leads to diabetes and heart diseases.

The rumen affects men more than women, and this explains that the incidence of heart disease is more in men. source

In addition, the researchers discovered a significant relationship between the accumulation of rumen fat and erectile dysfunction in men.

What are the failed ways to reduce the rumen?

1- Abdominal stretching exercises:

Abdominal exercises are essential for all athletes and weightlifters. It helps to strengthen the trunk and protect the back vertebrae from injury. If your abdominal muscles are weak and you carry heavy weights on your back (such as squats), the lumbar muscles (lower back) will bear all the load to maintain the balance of the body. Which causes stress to the back or injury, God forbid. Despite the importance of abdominal exercises, this does not mean that performing hundreds of abdominal exercises is the solution to losing the rumen. On the contrary, abdominal exercises lead to an increase in the size of the abdominal muscles. Which pushes the rumen forward and gives the impression of increasing its size.

Studies and all practical attempts have proven that it is very difficult to target fat in a specific area. Whether in the abdomen, buttocks, or any other area.

2- Thermal clothing

In Egypt and the Arab world, it is common for millions to fall into the trick and lie of thermal clothing for slimming. I saw with my own eyes dozens of trainees wearing a thermal abdominal belt in the changing rooms in the gym. This is because they believe that they excrete excess belly fat through sweat. This is completely wrong. Fats are fatty acids that are broken down in the blood and converted into glucose for energy use, and are never excreted through sweat. In addition, the risk of dehydration and sunstroke because of these clothes. To read more about this myth or if you know a friend who believes in thermal clothing, send them this thread.

3- Medicines

There are two types of medication that those who want to get rid of the rumen take. Oral medications or topical creams. There are those who take medications such as Xenical, Chitocal, Hydroxycut, or Lipo-6. And there are those who apply creams that they bought through TV ads, to no avail. Let me ask you personally: If these drugs worked, would you need to read such an article and search for solutions? If these drugs really worked, there would be no obesity problem in the Arab world and the whole world. In addition, some of these drugs have serious health complications.

Ironically, you will find that the pharmacist who sells you Xenical is obese. So why didn't the medicine work for him?

4- Liposuction

Liposuction is really successful in the case of local suction. On the other hand, when burning fat through diet, the fat cells do not disappear, but they shrink in size. However, liposuction removes entire fat cells from under the skin. This means that fat does not accumulate in this area in the future. This is not a good thing. Because when you continue with bad eating habits and gain new fat, the fat accumulates around the suctioned area abnormally and causes major deformities in the abdominal area. In addition, liposuction is a dangerous operation and has caused death for many patients.

What are the best ways to reduce the rumen?

The pattern of body fat accumulation varies from one person to another depending on genetics, gender and other factors. When you gain excess fat, it is not distributed evenly throughout the body. But for most men, fat accumulates first on the belly and then on the rest of the body. And vice versa when losing body fat. A man may lose fat first from his face or chest, and the abdominal area remains the last place to lose fat.

A simple analogy for losing belly fat is emptying a swimming pool. Imagine a two-level swimming pool. Level for children (shallow) and level for adults (deep) as shown in the picture. When the water is removed from this pool, the deep area remains the last area with water. until all the water is removed.

So, the matter is simply, to reduce the rumen, all body fat must be lost, and patience must be exercised. The beginning of the appearance of the abdominal muscles (sex-back) is at a fat percentage of 12% in men and 20% in women. It is not possible, as we have explained, to target belly fat locally. This is impossible.

There is a common Western proverb (a good stomach is made in the kitchen, not in the gym). That is, taking care of a healthy diet and eating fewer calories than you need is the most appropriate way to burn belly fat.

2- You should take care of maintaining your muscle mass

We talked in a previous article (previous link) about the mechanism of burning and wasting muscles due to harsh diets. So when you follow a diet, you must consume appropriate amounts of calories and do muscle-strengthening exercises to maintain muscle mass while dieting. This is because muscle or lean body mass (LBM) is the main element for increasing metabolism, or what some call burning processes.

The more muscle mass you have, the greater your ability to burn fat and calories on a daily basis. Studies have shown that one pound of muscle burns between 5-7 calories per day. Even when you're resting and sleeping, your muscles continue to expend calories, burn fat, and increase your metabolism. For this reason, increasing muscle mass for men or women is the best solution for burning fat in the long run without slowing down the burning process.

For these reasons, muscle-strengthening exercises and iron exercises are your best tools for burning fat and getting the perfect body. We will explain in detail in upcoming articles the appropriate exercises for men and women.

3- Calculate your daily caloric needs, and decrease an amount commensurate with your lifestyle.

To lose weight and burn fat, you must eat fewer calories than you consume. In order to gain weight, you must eat more calories than you consume. Therefore, in order for your weight to remain stable, you must eat the same amount of calories as you consume.

The amount of calories you need per day is called Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) or the amount of energy consumed per day. After calculating the TDEE, you deduct an appropriate amount from the calorie value, and this forms the basis for your diet.

Large amounts of calories should not detract from your daily intake. The maximum you can subtract is approximately 1,000 calories. If you try to cut large amounts of calories, your body will become tired and tired, your metabolism will slow down, you will fall into a “starvation response” cycle, and your body will stop burning fat.

4- Do exercise, especially muscle-strengthening exercises

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic of exercise that helps lose weight. There are those who believe that aerobic exercise, cardio or running is the best way to burn fat. And there are those who believe that the sport of walking at a certain speed and after a certain period targets body fat to obtain energy. And there are those who try to do certain exercises or buy sports equipment designed to target specific areas to burn fat, such as abdominal machines in TV ads. All of this is not true, as muscle-strengthening exercises or iron exercises are optimal and best for burning fat and preserving your muscle mass. This does not mean that cardio exercises have no place in your program for losing weight and burning fat. But it is a mistake to make cardio exercises the core of the exercises. The topic of doing iron exercises to burn fat is a big topic and deserves an article of its own. However, if you read point No. 2 on this topic, you will remember the importance of preserving and increasing muscle mass in order to raise metabolic rates and burn calories.

5- Make it your goal to lose a pound or two a week, not more than that.

A pound is 0.45 kilograms. That is, your goal should be to lose about half a kilo or a kilo per week. If you go back to point number 3, you will find that I recommend making a small reduction in calories from your daily needs. That is, if you decreased 500 calories per day from your needs, then within 7 days you would have burned 3500 calories, or a pound of fat. This is because a pound of body fat contains 3,500 calories, provided you do muscle-strengthening exercises and eat a good amount of protein in order to maintain your muscle mass. That is, losing more than 2 pounds per week may lead to cracking and wasting of your muscle mass. The ACSM, or American College of Sports Medicine, also recommends a maximum of 2 pounds per week in fat loss. Of course, the only exception is if you are very obese and have a significant amount of fat to lose. In this case, losing 3 pounds per week is reasonable.

By calculation: If you lose one pound per week, this means losing 4 pounds per month, or about 2 kilograms. This means that after 10 months you will have lost 20 kilograms! And your appearance has completely changed for the better. And all this without starvation or vigorous exercise.

6- Make a written long-term plan.

Your goal should be to burn body fat, not just lose weight on the scale.

You must measure your body fat percentage accurately on a fat percentage calculator. Then you work on a plan to burn from half to 1 kg until you reach the ideal body fat percentage, which is 10-12% for men and 15-20% for women.

Example: If you are a man, your weight is 90 kg, and your body fat percentage is 20%. To reach a 10% fat percentage, you must burn 10% of your body fat percentage, meaning that you must burn 9 kilograms of fat. If our goal was to burn 1 kilogram per week, we would need 9 weeks to reach the desired goal. You must take measurements of your weight and fat percentage every two weeks or a month, and you must record the fat weight and the lean body mass weight in order to make sure that you do not waste your muscle mass. Also, it is preferable to follow up your results by taking monthly or semi-monthly pictures.

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