The best and most effective back exercises to inflate and expose your back - lower back stretches for men

The back muscles are the largest muscle group in the human body, so back exercises must be chosen carefully to ensure that all parts of the muscle are fully targeted. Especially since there are a large number of exercises for the back, some of which are aimed at strengthening the muscle and some are more suitable for amplifying and exposing the back.

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In this article, you will find a list of the best back exercises suitable for each part, in addition to some examples of back exercises in the gym.

How to inflate the back muscles

First, before moving on to the exercises, we must make it clear that large muscles such as the back need to be trained in a smart way that depends mainly on understanding the muscle and determining the target part to use the appropriate back exercise for this part.

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The back consists of dozens of muscles intertwined together, but for most bodybuilders it can be divided into 5 main parts as follows.

Bolts “upper, middle and lower”



The rhomboid muscle, which is a large muscle in the middle of the back.

The round cuff, and the back shoulder is connected to the back.

back muscle anatomy

Given this large amount of muscle, you may need to spend the entire day with back exercises in the gym if you train each muscle alone.

Instead, there is a large group of compound exercises for the back that target more than one muscle at the same time and you can design a schedule of exercises for the back around it.

This brings us to the most important point in the article, which is the back exercises, and it has been divided into more than one list as follows.

1- Exercises to strengthen and inflate the back.

2- Exercises to expose the back.

3- Exercises to strengthen the lumbar and lower back.

4- Examples of back exercises in the gym.

The best back exercises to strengthen and inflate your back

You can only expose your back if the muscles are strong and massive, so you should rely on the following back exercises to strengthen and inflate your back first.

1- Barbell bent-over row

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Bar rowing exercise

The back exercise is the favorite of many bodybuilders.

For example, the world coach Hani Rambod, "the coach of Phil Heath, The Rock, and a lot of celebrities." I don't remember ever having watched or taken any of his courses and he hadn't even started his back workout with a rowing bar.

And this exercise works to strengthen the back muscles and inflate them completely due to the huge weight that you can carry. But the exercise must be done correctly and these are the most important instructions.

Hold the bar at shoulder width, with the knee slightly bent, keeping the back straight, and pushing the butt back.

Pull the bar slowly until it touches your lower abdomen, and hold it for one second while squeezing the back muscles well.

Lower the bar again slowly while you are in control of the weight, and repeat the command 10 counters and 3 sets with a gradual increase in weight.

2- T-Bar Row

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It is an easier version of the previous exercise, and targets almost the same muscle parts. Except that the tight grip makes him focus more on the middle back muscles.

It is recommended for beginners, since the free rowing exercise is difficult and requires strong back muscles. You can rely on the “tee bar” for a month, for example, and then replace it with free rowing.

3- Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

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Back exercises with dumbbells are very important, especially the pull with one hand, because this exercise makes you target each side of the back alone. This ensures that no side is stronger than the other.

This particular exercise improves the V-shape of the back, because it strengthens the muscles of the genus in a terrible way. And to do it right do this:-

When pulling the dumbbells, make sure that the movement depends on the muscles of the back, not the arm

Pull the dumbbells toward your chest until your arm is parallel to the floor and slowly lower it again.

Control the weight throughout the movement, and repeat 10 reps and 3 sets for each arm.

4- Dumbbell row on the upper bench – Incline Row

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The previous three exercises are the best exercises to amplify and strengthen the back muscles.

But it may neglect some parts of your back, such as the middle point and the rounded palm that connects the back to the shoulder.

The bench rowing exercise primarily strengthens these muscles. Which may help you to get a straight back, since it treats the curvature of the back. So I advise you to try this exercise from time to time.

Important tips for this exercise:

Don't rest on the bench, take your position and push your chest up while keeping your back straight.

Pull using your back muscles only, and to ensure that your arm is not helping you move, relax your elbows completely and pull the weight slowly and under control.

5- Seated Cable Row

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Unlike weight exercises, the use of cables is important to inflate your back muscles, and the floor pull exercise is one of the best examples of this.

This exercise is useful in the case of amplification or exposure, and this depends on the fist itself.

Meaning, if you use a wide grip, it will help you more to expose your back, but with a narrow grip, the focus is on inflating the muscles of the middle back muscles and the lower traps.

Therefore, you are free to use the fist that suits you according to your personal goals, but in all cases, remember this:-

Make sure your body is stable throughout the movement with your back and shoulders straight.

Do not use more weight than you can handle, because if your shoulders are unstable, injury can occur.

Advanced tip: Fix the weight when it touches the abdominal muscle for three seconds before bringing it back again. This will help you greatly in inflating the back muscles by stimulating them to grow because of the great pressure you put on them in this exercise.

Effective back exercises to expose the back

The second list includes the most powerful exercises to expose the back, and what is meant by exposing the back is to amplify the genitourinary muscle.

For information: the previous exercises greatly help in amplifying the genitive muscle, and this list does not cancel its usefulness, but only includes exercises that focus more on amplifying the muscles of the genus.

1- Pull-Up

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Without a doubt, if you want to get a V-shape for the back, the bar should be an essential component of the back exercise.

This is simply because pulling the body up in the pull-up exercise puts great pressure on the muscles of the calist and inflates them at an incredible speed.

How to perform the pull-up exercise:

The wide grip ensures greater targeting of the calcaneus muscle, so make the grip shoulder width or slightly wider.

Your arms should be completely straight at the beginning of the movement, and your back should be straight. Avoid swinging with your body.

Press your shoulder blades to straighten your back and then pull your body up until you cross the bar with your chin. Then go down again slowly and you are in control of your body weight.

To be honest, the pull-up is not an easy exercise, so it is allowed with some help from a friend or you can try the pull-up with a narrow grip which will be a little easier because it puts some load on the biceps muscle.

Or you can simply try the following exercise.

2- Lat Pulldown

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Almost like the pull-up exercise, but what makes the pull-up a little better is the movement, which forces you to control your weight, thus inflating the small back muscles.

But for beginners, this exercise is a great option and is no less important than the bar, and you can use a wide or narrow fist.

For many professional bodybuilders, they use the upper pull and the pullup in the same back exercise, as follows.

They first do the wide bar 3 or 4 sets, then move to the upper pull-up with a narrow grip or the V-bar.

The reason for this is that the narrow grip ensures a longer range of motion, thus targeting and inflating the entire genitive muscle. Try this technique yourself and you will see amazing results.

3- Straight arm cable pulldown

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A great back exercise to tighten the back muscles and highlight their details. The single arm cable pull is one of the best exercises to inflate the catapult in particular.

Because this exercise increases blood pumping in the muscles of the genus, thus accelerating their stimulation to growth.

Therefore, include this exercise in your training regimen at least once a week, and you can do it as follows:-

Make sure your back is bent at a 30-45 degree angle, and your chin is folded down as if you were holding a small ball under it.

Straighten your back and press your shoulder blades out, then pull the cable down toward your thighs.

When the cable touches your body, squeeze the calist muscle for a second, then slowly raise your arm back in control.

Best lower back exercises

Although everyone cares a lot about inflating and exposing the back muscles. However, lumbar exercises are indispensable, as they are considered one of the most exercises that stimulate the body to secrete testosterone and growth hormone.

They are very important hormones for building and amplifying muscle quickly, and this list includes the best lower back exercises.

1- dead lift

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There is no better back exercise than this exercise or works more muscles than it, as it works to strengthen the entire back, through the calf and back to the neck.

So make sure to include it in the back exercise, and to do it correctly:

Put your toes under the bar, then bend and hold the bar with your knees slightly bent so that you are close to touching the bar with your shins.

Grab the bar, push your chest up, keep your back completely straight, and push your buttocks back.

Lift the weight until you stand completely and stay for one second in this position and then return the bar to the floor again, after the bar touches the floor, raise it and repeat until the end of the set.

You should keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

2- Extension of the lumbar on the device

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An easy and simple lower back exercise, it is recommended for beginners as an alternative to the dead lift.

You can do it simply by using the chair designated for it, but make sure that your back is straight and your shoulders are pulled back.

The most powerful exercises for the upper back "bolts"

Most of the exercises mentioned above strengthen the lower and middle biceps, since they are located approximately in the middle of the back.

But the upper calf should not be targeted with separate exercises, as it is one of the muscles that men love most. The massive and divided bodice gives an attractive masculine look, especially with the right clothes.

So be sure to include the following exercises on the day of your back workout

1- Face Pull

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In fact, this exercise targets all parts of the triceps, upper, lower and middle, in addition to the back shoulder muscle, the round palm and the middle back muscles as well.

How to perform this exercise:-

Hold each end of the rope sideways so that your palms are facing each other and then raise your elbows to about shoulder level.

Take one step back and lean your back slightly until it is at a 45 degree angle with the floor.

Pull the cable back toward your face while keeping your elbows up so that your hands are next to your ears.

Go back to the start again and try not to let the weights reach the end so that the muscle is still under pressure.

2- shrug the shoulders with the bar - barbell shrug

According to Tyler English, author of Natural Bodybuilding for Men's Health, this workout is the king of the best triceps workout ever.

And it works to inflate the entire upper back, especially the upper traps and the back shoulder.

You can easily perform it by holding the appropriate weight in the bar. Then hold the bar with a fist slightly narrower than shoulder width, and move your shoulder toward the ear.

And because the range of movement is very simple in this exercise, you should do about 15 or 20 repetitions in each group to get the most out of it.

3- Shrug the shoulders with dumbbells

Compared to the previous exercise, dumbbells target the triceps only. Since the dumbbells are placed next to your body, you do not have to rotate the shoulder.

Therefore, the shoulder muscles are almost not included in the exercise, so you are free to use the version you prefer, whether it is a dumbbell or a bar.

But in general, bodybuilders often train the triceps after back exercises or shoulder exercises so if you train the triceps in the afternoon use the bar version because the shoulder will not be worn out.

In the case of training the triceps after the shoulder, it is preferable to use dumbbells because the shoulder is already tired.

What is the best back exercise in the gym?

As you can see, there are a very large number of back exercises, but only 6 exercises for the back should be chosen in your training session.

Each person identifies back exercises in the order he prefers and achieves his goals, but for beginners, it can be confusing, so I designed this simple example of the form of the back exercise in the gym.

Back exercise for beginners:

After doing the warm-up exercises for the muscles of your entire body, do these back exercises in the following order: -

Bar row, or T-Bar

Cable top pull wide grip

The pull up is "any number you can do" even if it's 5 reps with the help of a friend, but your back should get used to this exercise.

Pull the dumbbells with one hand.

Pull the cable to the face

Legging exercise on the device

Then finish the exercise with “shoulder shrugging with dumbbells.”

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