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The easiest and fastest way to lose weight is to identify and follow a slimming diet because the amount of food you eat is one of the most important factors that determine your weight.

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How does a diet help you lose weight?

When you eat a certain amount of food, this food turns into calories, and your body uses them later to generate energy to perform your daily tasks such as walking, working, and others.

The problem is that when you consume about 2,400 calories, for example, but you do activities that require energy, estimated at only 2,000 calories, in this case, 400 calories are stored in the form of fat, which in turn causes an increase in weight.

And if your goal is to stabilize your weight, nutrition experts advise eating calories that only fit the amount of energy you need.

But because you are already overweight, the right and proper way is to eat fewer calories than you need.

This will force your body to burn stored fat for energy, so you should follow a weight loss diet to help you get in a few calories.

Weight loss diet

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Weight loss diet

This system covers only 6 days, and the seventh day will be a free day.

Below the article, you will find:

Free day tips and ideas.

The number of calories for foods included in the system.

How do you calculate your calorie needs?


Breakfast: Two slices of brown toast, a boiled egg mashed in a spoonful of olive oil, a tomato, a glass of milk.

Lunch: Half a skinless chicken breast, 5 tablespoons of rice, a small plate of green salad

Dinner: A cup of skimmed yogurt with an apple


Breakfast: Two slices of brown toast or a loaf of bread, a piece of cottage cheese with a tomato and a cucumber

Lunch: 200 grams of fat-free beef steak, with a small plate of salad

Dinner: a slice of brown toast, three tablespoons of beans, a small piece of cottage cheese


Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, a small plate of salad with a spoonful of olive oil.

Lunch 200 grams of fish, with a cup of rice.

Dinner: a cup of skimmed yogurt, and a cucumber.


Breakfast: A slice of brown toast or half a loaf of bread, two tablespoons of jam, a cup of skimmed milk.

Lunch: Half skinless chicken breast with five tablespoons of red beans and a small plate of salad.

Dinner: Two boiled eggs mashed in a tablespoon of olive oil.


Breakfast is an oatmeal plate with half a cup of skimmed milk, and an apple.

Lunch: A slice of brown toast and a can of tuna canned with water, with a tomato.

Dinner: Two slices of toast with a small piece of cottage cheese and a cucumber.


Breakfast: One boiled egg and three tablespoons of beans, plus a small spoonful of olive oil “without bread.”

Lunch: A quarter of a grilled chicken with half a loaf of bread and 5 tablespoons of green salad “You can add a tablespoon of sesame paste salad, but do not exceed it.”

Dinner: a box of fat-free yogurt, and a cup of natural juice without sweeteners.

Snack ideas between main meals

To avoid feeling hungry between meals, you can eat one of these options below between lunch and dinner.

Fruit “an apple or an orange.

A cup of milk tea with two biscuits.

15 pieces of unsalted pistachio.

10 pieces of unsalted Sudanese.

A cup of coffee with a piece of dark chocolate.

Medium plate of popcorn.

Potato baked in the oven.

A small plate of vegetable salad.

Boiled egg without yolk.

What do you eat on a Friday

Best diet for weight loss

Although this is a diet for slimming without deprivation and not harsh, having a free day may make it easier, and make you last longer within your original system. Studies indicate that some people may stick to a diet to lose weight without paying attention to many temptations just because today Alfrey has approached.

What should you eat on a Friday

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There are three ideas you can choose from and follow them:-

You can eat what you want on this day, but you should not exceed a large amount of calories

To eat breakfast and dinner like any other day in this system, but at lunch you can eat whatever food you like, but please pay attention to the number of calories

To repeat any day of the system as well without any change and you can put an equivalent such as eating a piece of sweets or cake

Studies show that the last "equivalent" method is the best method for free day because it does not make you exceed your calories.

How many calories are needed to lose weight?

There is no such thing as the best diet for weight loss that works for everyone, because each of us has different calorie needs.

And through the calorie calculator from this link, you can find out how many calories you need to lose weight.

Then see the following table, which includes the number of calories in each of the foods above.

A slice of brown toast 65 calories

Boiled egg 78 calories

Medium plate of beans 187 calories

100 grams of cottage cheese 98 calories

A cup of skimmed yogurt 137 calories

100 grams of skinless chicken breasts 165 calories

100 grams of tuna without oil or water 121 calories

100 grams of fat-free steak 220 calories

Two slices of grilled fillet 140 g 170 calories

These calories may differ in some products, so you should look at the information on the product itself as well.

The best diet for weight loss with the gym

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How can you build muscle and burn fat at the same time?

Building muscle and burning fat at the same time is not easy, because you simply need to eat more food, first to provide energy for training and secondly to provide the protein needed to amplify and build muscle.

But there is a lot of research that proves the possibility of achieving it, but make sure that you will gain a small amount of muscle, you must be realistic. 

The best way to do this is to rely on foods that are dense, which means foods that are rich in nutrients such as protein and healthy fats and at the same time do not contain a large amount of calories.

The diet above is full of these foods, but if you are looking for a slimming diet while building a good amount of muscle, there will be some simple changes as follows

First, breakfast and lunch remain the same without any change

There will be no snack after lunch

Instead, there will be a pre-workout meal that should include enough carbohydrates to provide the energy needed to perform the exercises in the gym.

Also, before dinner, you will eat a post-workout meal, which should contain a good amount of protein to help you bulk up and build your muscles.